Friday, July 22, 2011

Twitter Writings 1

-- piano lesson 
little boy sits 
with his six-shooters on

-- a store filled
with dusty, old books
no one wants to buy
a nice place if
it were a library

-- when you're dying
you keep trying
to stand up
then finally
you no longer

-- so bright
the sun today
burning my skin
as I sit by the window
waiting for my friend

-- so rude
my welcome home
caw of crows

-- because of cell phones,
women can now do
two of their favorite
activities at the same time:
shop and talk on the phone

-- clouds reflect
golden light of sunset
my rejoicing heart  

-- busy street corner
smells of exhaust fumes
and unwashed homeless man

-- think how you'd feel
if someone came
and bombed your fields,
your country
for ten years
like we did
in Vietnam

-- dressing for school
but inside my son's shoe

Eds summer rice: stir n bowl 1/2cup inst rice,H2O+touch oliveoil, mcrowve4min; open, add 3+cloves sliced garlic, finish cooking 1min

Lunch: mix can ProgressoMinestrone soup+can GoyaPinkBeans in sauce, divide in 3 parts, serve 1portion w/Texas Pete+summer rice+crackers

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