Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old Man Asks Scarecrow Twenty Questions

How much do you get paid?
Do you have job security?
Do you have a pension plan?
How are your stocks doing?
Do you own gold?
What kind of sun block do you use?
Do they ever give you an umbrella?
Do you mind when crows shit on you?
I take it you don't smoke?
Where were you at 10:15 last Friday night?
Have you lost weight?
Are you on Facebook?
Do you have cable?
How's the wifi out here?
Are you married?
Ever been to Cabo?
What is Dorothy like?
You know you're not in Kansas, right?
Do you have a brain?
What's wrong, crow got your tongue?

(note: this is in response to the poem "Girl Who Asks Scarecrow Twenty Questions" by Allison Wilkins, in the journal Word Riot, )

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